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Post-Master Degree Aeronautical Operations & Maintenance

Aeonautics passionate, graduated with an Engineering Master degree or a Business Master degree, this curriculum combines the teaching of regulatory and economic issues in the aeronautic sector with technical and managerial skills. You will acquire a real professional expertise. This program was designed with the industrials from the aeronautic sector in order to reply to this new demand of experts: Zodiac Aerospace, Air France, Airbus, ADP (Aéroports de Paris). This Post-Master Degree in Aeronautical Operations and Maintenance accredited by the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles) will give you the skills and competences to apply for positions like: Maintenance Department Manager, Aircrafts maintenance project Manager, Operator for Airlines and airports, etc.
Entry requirement: 5-year Degree
Accreditation: Aeronautic formation #3 in France
Duration: 1 year (including internship)
Location: Paris
Language: English
Selection: academic dossier + TOEIC/TOEFL + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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  • Marc WEBER - Academic Supervisor for Aerospace at ESTACA
  • 00:10

    The Pitch


    If we are applying with a business master’s and not an engineering degree, are we required to have experience in aerospace industry?


    I see partner companies listed under modules. What does it mean that RyanAir is noted under Air Safety and Security?


    Solar Impulse has truly fascinated me, are we to work on innovative projects like this one?

  • 05:27

    I thought this program was in Paris? The campus seems really far from the city. Where do students usually live?


    Is it possible to do this program part-time in order to continue working?


    Are some classrooms equipped with ejecting seats in case of troublesome students? (More seriously, what's the equipment here?)


    What’s the cost of this program and the ROI?

  • 10:20

    Hello sir, is it possible to do an internship for the French Air Force?


    Where do graduates get jobs? Do you have any company relationships to help?


    Do you have an organized alumni network?


    Three Words Max

  • 16:13

    What’s the international mix of the program?


    I'm passionate about aeronautics, although I want to do engineering I still want to fly. Do you have any Air Club inside the school?


    As an aerospace engineer from India, why should I choose to do this program in France?


    This program is nice but still seems general within the market segment. Do we get to specialize in specific areas?

  • 22:48

    So what is the degree I actually will have after this program?


    I've heard the aeronautical world is only done inside offices, not in direct contact with the planes, inside the hangars anymore. Is this true?


    Are the professors in this program full-time at the school? I have had teachers who were full-time at companies and they never had time outside class for questions or help.


    What is the “serious game” listed in the cursus?

  • 29:04

    How many candidates do you accept into each cycle?


    The Expert Question


    The Expert Question: where is the most change taking place in the industry and where is the most opportunity for graduates to have dynamic careers?


    Are there any organized site visits to companies?

  • 33:56

    What can I expect in the interview? Any advice for preparing - besides “be yourself”?


    Good afternoon, I have 10 years experience working for the SNCF, is your program fit for me?


    Can you tell us more about the internship? Pease


    What is the average age inside the program, and are there any ladies?

  • 39:32