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ESSEC Business School

MSc in Hospitality Management IMHI

With over 30 years of experience, the MBA in Hospitality Management (IMHI) has been the European leader in hospitality education and consistently ranked #1 in France. ESSEC has launched a new, 2-year MSc in Hospitality Management IMHI building on the expertise accrued in Hospitality Management education. With your career objectives in mind, you can choose between four specializations: Luxury Services Management, Real Estate & Development, E-commerce and Entrepreneurship.

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Entry requirement: bachelor degree or French BTS Hôtelier
Duration: 2 years
Location: Paris (Cergy-Pontoise)
Language: English
Selection: Academic application +GMAT/GRE + TOEFL + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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The questions

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  • Peter O’Connor - Academic Director, Chaired Professor of Digital Disruption at ESSEC, PhD. in Tourism, Queen Margaret University (Scotland)
  • Limin Lou - Alumnus
  • 00:17

    The Pitch


    Hello! I’m leaning towards attending a dedicated hospitality management school like Vatel. Why study hospitality management at a business school rather than a specialized school?


    This program was an MBA the last time I looked at it. Why is it a master’s now and what’s the difference?


    What aspects of hospitality industry does this program focus on? Do we learn front of house and back office admin?

  • 09:00

    How competitive are admissions for this master’s?


    Since Paris is one of the luxury capitals of the world, do you organize visits to hotels, like the Ritz?


    Three Words Max


    Hello. I would like to know why the alumna chose this program over other hospitality programs.

  • 19:53

    What’s the international diversity of this program? Is it mostly French? Mostly foreigners?


    Do I need experience in hospitality to apply?


    What is the content of the entrepreneurship specialization? How is that taught through the lense of hospitality management?


    What options do we have for electives?

  • 33:44

    Russian Roulette


    Is it possible to pair this master’s with an apprenticeship program?


    Can you tell me more about the IMHI Forum, please? Is it an industry conference or just for students?


    Q for the alum: how satisfied were you with this program overall? Curriculum, work, and professional result?

  • 45:45

    A Step Sideways


    Step Sideways: You have unlimited funds to open the theme hotel of your dreams. Where would you open the hotel and what would the theme be?


    Is the consultancy project a simulation or a real-world project?


    Your site says the program is in the “heart of France,” Paris. But the ESSEC campus is in Cergy, at least 45 minutes by train from the center. Is there another more central campus?

  • 52:34

    What companies do alumni find jobs with when they graduate?


    €33 000 is a lot of money to go into an industry where the average starting annual salary is less than that. What’s the ROI?


    How much do the GMAT and GRE scores weigh in the application process?


    The Sweetest