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ESSEC Business School

MSc in Data Sciences and Business Analytics

The MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics trains students to understand, organise and solve complex situations linked to big data within companies. With increasing demand in every industry, experts in the field will be able to work in a wide range of spheres. Students follow core courses before choosing a specialised track in either business analytics or data sciences and finally take "excellence courses" on the hottest trending topics of the moment. The ecosystem, reputation and networks of both ESSEC Business School and Centrale-Supélec - as this is a fusion between the two schools - will ensure you have every opportunity to learn, develop and succeed.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: M1 or International Bachelor 
Duration: 1 year
Location: Cergy, Chatenay Malabry
Language: English
Selection: academic application + Tage-Mage/GMAT/GRE + TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS (for non-native English speakers) + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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nov 28

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  • Guillaume CHEVILLON

    Co-director of MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics, Professor of Statistics at ESSEC Business School

  • Nikos Paragios

    Co-director of MSc in Data Science & Business Analytics, Professor of Applied Mathematics at CentraleSupélec

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  • Guillaume CHEVILLON - Co-director of MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics, Professor of Statistics at ESSEC Business School
  • 00:18

    The Pitch


    What kinds of technical tools are taught in this program?


    Is this considered a double degree? Do I get a master’s from ESSEC and Centrale-Supelec?


    I’m in first year Bac Promo Commerce and I regret having chosen this since I would like to integrate in a Grande Ecole de commerce. Should I enter prepa, do a BTS then a license?

  • 07:41

    Where do we study: ESSEC or Centrale-Supelec? Where is the program primarily?


    I'm a master 1 student and I would like to join your master. I have a bachelor degree major in economics and minor in maths and statistics applied to business administration. I've never worked. Do I have a chance to join your program?


    Is it possible to be exempt from the refresher courses if we have already had similar classes?


    Will we have better chances if we apply on the 1st session (at the end of October)?

  • 15:04

    Three Words Max


    The site says for period two we choose a minimum of 6 electives. What’s the maximum we can take?


    Is there an age limit to enter the program?


    Is it possible to join this program in part-time in order to keep working? Thanks!

  • 24:24

    Hi! I was wondering about the gender parity in this program. The engineering classes I have taken tend to be mostly male.


    Which are the main skills needed to enter the program?


    Russian Roulette


    What GRE score do applicants need to have in order to have a good chance of entering the program?

  • 34:34

    Where do most students live? It seems really inconvenient to have to split time between campuses so far from each other.


    Does the application system send recommendation letter request directly to referees when I fill the 'referees' section? or should I ask to them independently?


    I'm studying visualization and data processing in a computer science engineering school (Telecom Nancy). I want to do more analytics and management of data. Do you think this MS is the better way for me?


    Where does the international trip take place? What do we do?

  • 42:20

    Hi, I have longer plan to pursue doctoral degree. Then, is there any opportunity to participate in research/study projects with faculties during the program?


    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: If you were a tech/data superhero, what would your superpower be? And would you use your superpower for good or bad?


    What kinds of jobs do graduates usually get after this program?

  • 49:05

    I really want to work for one of the major Silicon Valley tech giants like Google or Facebook. Does the school have any links that could help me get a job there?


    Does ESSEC offer scholarships to help cover tuition and living expenses?


    Is there time to participate in student organizations?


    Are the teachers full-time academics? Do any of them also work in companies?

  • 56:37

    The Sweetest