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ESSEC Business School

Mastère Spécialisé Management de Projets Technologiques

La mission du MS est d'apporter les compétences business et managériales indispensables à la conception et au pilotage des projets de valorisation des technologies. Il associe les savoirs méthodologiques et managériaux qui répondent aux exigences concrètes des entreprises pour la réussite de leurs stratégies d'innovation. Le partenariat avec TELECOM ParisTech garantit la complémentarité des compétences, et les étudiants peuvent donc compter sur deux puissants réseaux !
Niveau de recrutement : M2
Durée du cursus : 1 an
Lieu : Cergy
Langue : français/anglais
Sélection : dossier + Tage-Mage/GMAT/ GRE + TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS + entretien 
Membre de la Conférence des grandes écoles




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The questions

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  • Pietro DE GIOVANNI - Associate Professor, Operation Management Department
  • 00:13

    The Pitch


    I have always thought of ESSEC as more of a pure business school. Where does its qualifications for tech come from?


    Where does the program take place? Paris or Cergy? At ESSEC or Telecom ParisTech?


    Hello. I have a diploma in architecture and would like to launch myself in tech. Can I still apply to this program or is it too late?

  • 09:24

    What scores do you require for Toefl, Toeic, Tage-Mage and Gmat for entry?


    Could we simply call this program “management”?


    Are there scholarships available to help with financing? And what about finding housing?


    Three Words Max

  • 17:17

    Hi. Can you tell me more about the businesses that students get to work with and their projects, please? Thank you.


    I wanted to know more about the digital week and the study trips. What is the ambiance like? The program?


    Is this program in French or English? I couldn’t find any information in English on your site.


    Would you tell me more information about the studies fees and also the if there is a possibility of loans for international students?

  • 27:13

    Where do graduates find jobs and what kind of posts?


    I saw the program focuses on specific subjects like Big Data and digital security. Do we get to specialize?


    The Expert Question


    Expert Question : A study says that the top 6 jobs of the future did not exist in the past 10 years – several of them tech related. How does this program envision what jobs may be more in demand and how does it prepare students with those necessary skills?

  • 34:55

    Do we have an interview? Are grades taken into account? If so, what grades for admissibility?


    Can I still work while doing this program full-time? 


    I would expect some pretty high-tech facilities for this program. What’s the campus like?