ESSEC Business School

Master in Finance

Consistently ranked as one of the best Masters in Finance in the world - #5 Financial Times, #6 QS-, the ESSEC Master in Finance is designed for high potential students who want to pursue a career in Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, FinTech, Asset and Portfolio Management, Risk Management; and occupy positions in investment banks and most prestigious financial institutions. It is a CFA partner, and a career-oriented, in-depth technical and internationally focused program, with study trips to major financial centers: London and New York or Hong Kong.
Entry requirements: Master degree, 4-year bachelor or 3-year bachelor’s degree
Duration: 1 or 2 years
Location: Paris region and/or Singapore
Selection: Online application + GMAT/GRE/TAGE-MAGE + TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge/TOEIC (for non-native speakers)
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles



The questions

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  • Sridhar Arcot - Academic Director of the program
  • Luisa STOBBE - Student of the program
  • 00:20

    The Pitch


    Hi Luisa, where are you from and why did you pick this programme?


    Luisa, what type of finance do you want to go into afterwards?


    What’s the difference between this and a finance MBA?

  • 04:58

    I did my bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Do you accept students who don’t have finance experience or any background in it?


    As a non French person, what are the chances of getting a job in France, in your opinion?


    I didn’t get the top grades in my first degree (and I can explain why) but does that really matter for the application?


    Hello, I’m currently in my second year of Licence in Economics. How can I maximize my chances of being admitted to the Master in Finance after my Licence?

  • 11:20

    Can the professors give us contacts for internships and jobs?


    How big are the classes in this course?


    Does the course teach us about different financial markets so we can work globally?


    The Clichés

  • 17:50

    Do you think it is better to live in Cergy, near the campus, or in Paris? What are the pros and cons?


    I want to work in Big Data. Should I go to Singapore to study that?


    How many people go into private equity afterwards?


    I am a French student, currently studying math and physics in a double bachelor at Paris sud university. To get the best chances to get in you master in finance, should I pass the Tage-Mage or the GMAT?

  • 22:19

    How many people take each elective? It looks like a small course, will I ever be the only person in a class?


    If I don’t already have a masters do I have to do the two-year programme?


    What are some examples of the topics covered on the FinTech track?


    Is it possible to change your choice of track after sending off your application?

  • 25:47

    Can we take accountancy qualifications while we’re at ESSEC? Can we get extra tutoring for this?


    Hi Luisa! Do you make friends easily in ESSEC, are the French people willing to integrate the foreigners?


    Do we have classes with students from other masters on the ESSEC campus?


    Do most people get jobs through their internship?

  • 30:33

    What are the benefits of doing a dissertation at the end?


    Who Am I?


    Luisa, What have you liked about ESSEC so far? And what have you not?


    Would we be able to pay the deposit in instalments?

  • 37:25

    What funding do you have for international students?


    Can I get a part-time job on campus?


    What kind of topics do people write their dissertations on?


    What are the chances of getting a scholarship?

  • 43:20

    Do we work on real-life projects during the course?


    Final Destination


    Can you take a gap year between year 1 and year 2?


    Do you offer courses on ethics in finance?

  • 49:01

    Is the course mostly French people or international students? What about the professors?


    Broadly, what’s the difference between the tracks and will what I choose affect my career afterwards?


    How did you choose your campus?


    If I get in, can I postpone the start of my programme to the next year or do I have to apply all over again?

  • 53:07

    How long are the study trips and what kind of work do you do during them? Do you have to write a report afterwards?


    I did computer science before but want to retrain towards finance. Is this the right programme for me? I have no prior experience…


    What is student life like on the Singapore campus? Are there activities for international students?


    If I want to go into accounting, is it a good idea to do this course or better just to do specific accounting qualifications?

  • 56:47

    Will Asian employers prefer it if I’ve chosen the Singapore track?


    Do you have examples of companies alumni work in?


    Extra Time