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ESSEC Business School

Master in Finance

The Master in Finance is a graduate study programme open to students holding a first degree (Bachelor/M1). All students will follow a core track of compulsory courses to cover all the essentials of corporate finance, financial markets and asset management, so they will be prepared for a vast array of careers. They will then have a choice of elective courses (for instance Corporate finance and governance, Financial Econometrics or even Hedge Funds) to match their personal interests and professional ambitions.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry requirement: Bachelor/M1 in business or economics
Duration: 1 year
Location: Paris region
Language: English
Selection: online application + GMAT/tage-mage/GRE + TOEIC/IELTS/TOEFL

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  • Sridhar Arcot

    Co-Academic Director, Master in Finance

  • Pauline Bourdeaud'Hui

    Current student of the program

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  • Sridhar ARCOT - Partner Teacher, Finance Department
  • 00:23

    The Pitch


    Hello, I'm considering your program and an MBA focused on finance. Is there a difference?


    I have a three-year bachelor's degree and see that I would have to take an extra year. Is there an extra cost?


    Can I still apply if I don't have a business or finance degree? I studied linguistics in undergrad.

  • 06:48

    Is your program's curriculum Europe-centric for internationals, or is it truly international?


    What is the Grade of Tage Mage and Toeic to enter in your program?


    What is the most important criteria you look at in applications?


    Does the master enable to pursue a career in Project finance / Infrastructure Finance? Is it possible to find an internship in Paris or London from the Singapore campus?

  • 15:50

    Three Words Max


    Are any of your professors well-known in the industry? Who and for what?


    Hello, is this master's program appropriate for me if I want to work in a financial role at a not-for-profit or humanitarian organization, or is it geared more towards corporations and banks?


    A question for the student: what's been your favorite part of the program? What would you change?

  • 22:55

    Do we get to choose which city we start in, Cergy or Singapore?


    Hello, I'm in ICN Business School in M1 level. I have passed CFA level 1 exam and I'm a candidate for the CFA level 2. Do I have a chance to join your program? Can the CFA be a value add?


    Can I get a finance job anywhere in the world with this degree? Is it accredited?


    Hello, I had correct results during my studies (around 13/20 on average at a top 15 French business school) but I passed the 1st level of CFA (and candidate for the 2nd). Can the latter compensate the first?

  • 28:07

    Russian Roulette


    Hi, I'm from Delhi. The program looks like it meets all my expectations on the finance front, but how does it prepare us to work in multicultural environments abroad?


    I want to go into trading after getting this master's and have no interest in academics. Is the thesis mandatory?


    How possible is it to keep working permanently after the internship in the company that you practice?

  • 35:28

    Hi, what's the added benefit of getting the Mastère Spécialisé Techniques Financières?


    How will ESSEC help finance students sit for the CFA? Thank you.


    What is the number or proportion of student getting summer internships or graduate program offers in London?


    What is the rate of students that graduate from MSc Finance in ESSEC and get a job in the US? I am particularly interested in working there.

  • 41:46

    What do we exactly do on the study trip? Does everyone choose to go to the same city or do we get to choose?


    I would like to work part-time while studying and saw that ESSEC employs students. What kinds of jobs are available?


    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: Who would be a better fit to teach in ESSEC's finance master's: Michael Douglas's character from the movie Wall Street or Patrick Bateman from American Psycho?

  • 47:42

    Hello, I'm from Chicago and would like to apply to the Paris track. Does the school help with student visas?


    The Paris track is my first choice. If I don’t get accepted can I apply to the Singapore track?


    Hi, I'm French and would like the option of taking some classes in French for more complex subjects. Are classes only offered in English?


    I've heard it’s really hard to find an apartment in Paris. Is there campus housing available?

  • 52:40

    What are you looking for in a candidate beyond test scores?


    Does ESSEC have any kind of work insertion programs to help graduates find internships and jobs after school?


    I'm a student in engineering school and I would like to join the MSc in finance at ESSEC. I would like to know how many times can I apply for this program in a year?


    The Sweetest