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ESSEC Business School

Master in Finance

The Master in Finance is a graduate study programme open to students holding a first degree (Bachelor/M1). All students will follow a core track of compulsory courses to cover all the essentials of corporate finance, financial markets and asset management, so they will be prepared for a vast array of careers. They will then have a choice of elective courses (for instance Corporate finance and governance, Financial Econometrics or even Hedge Funds) to match their personal interests and professional ambitions.
Entry requirement: Bachelor/M1 in business or economics
Duration: 1 year
Location: Paris region
Language: English
Selection: online application + GMAT/tage-mage/GRE + TOEIC/IELTS/TOEFL




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The questions

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  • Sridhar Arcot - Co-Academic Director, Master in Finance
  • Pauline Bourdeaud'Hui - Current student of the program
  • 00:14

    The Pitch


    What’s the difference between your program and an MBA in Finance?


    What is the proportion of students that end up working in Asset Management (Portfolio Manager/Buy-Side Analyst)?


    Do you consider students who don’t have a finance or business background from undergrad?

  • 05:07

    I know that management tests (GMAT, TAGE MAGE) scores are very important in the recruitment process. What is for you the minimum score of TAGE MAGE?


    How international is this program? Is it mostly French students?


    Is attending Singapore's track an added value to start a career in Asia?


    What are the top qualities you look for in candidates?

  • 12:35

    Are the teachers academics or professionals from the field of finance?


    Is this program useful if I want to work in finance in the nonprofit / NGO sector, or should I focus my studies otherwise?


    Three Words Max


    Do we get to choose which city we start in, Cergy or Singapore?

  • 18:55

    Can I get a finance job anywhere in the world with this degree? Say Goldman Sachs in New York or London?


    I have a Master 1 degree from Dauphine (bac+4) with grades around 13/20, do I have my chances? Do you accept a majority of bac+5 students?


    Does this program have accreditations?


    Pauline, what is the amount of work in the program? Is it possible to work part-time to finance it? Thanks

  • 24:53

    What does our thesis have to be? Is it mandatory or just for those who want to continue academia?


    Hey Pauline! What’s been your favorite part of the program? What would you change?


    What are the chances to get a scholarship? How the selection process is organized?


    Russian Roulette

  • 32:24

    Will ESSEC help me find a job when I graduate?


    In terms of content of the courses, as a lot of students have already studied finance in an advanced way, Do the students feel the courses are repetitive?


    Can you tell me more about the study trip, please?


    Hello! I am currently following a bachelor in international business in 3 years. How many places are you offering, and how does the 2 years program works?

  • 43:00

    If I have a double-degree Bachelor program in Russia, with US diploma of Maryland University in Finance, which I have been studying online for 3 years. Do I have to take IELTS?


    A Step Sideways


    STEP SIDEWAYS: If ESSEC is truly as innovative and cutting-edge as it claims, surely the school would accept bitcoin for my tuition payments?


    Hi Pauline. Why did you choose ESSEC for Finance? What do you want to do after?

  • 47:25

    What kinds of projects do we work on? Any real business cases?


    Hi! Do you offer support to obtain visas for international students?


    Hello. Do I have the option to take any classes in French or is it only in English?


    Is professional experience important for admission?

  • 53:15

    If I come from outside the EU, is it possible to work in France after graduation?


    Do you share classes with other ESSEC programs?


    Is the program more technical than the CFA Program? Or is it enough to study the CFA to work in the Asset Management Industry? What's the value added if we want to become Portfolio Manager. Thanks


    What to do in Cergy?

  • 57:07

    The Sweetest