ESSEC Business School

Global BBA

The ESSEC brand with its triple accreditation and its international exchange network of 162 partner universities worldwide offers a strong Global BBA. This program has the international aspect as one if its key strengths. Students choose to start their studies in one of our ESSEC Campuses either in France or Singapore. The programme focuses first on fundamentals of management, and students integrate work experience into their curriculum as they pursue their degree.
Entry requirement: High School diploma
Duration: 4 years
Location: France (Cergy, Paris area), Singapore, and Rabat
Language: English or French
Selection: academic dossier + TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS (for non-native English speakers) + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles



The questions

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  • Corinne PEIFFERT - Director of studies
  • Thiago Tostes - 3rd year student
  • 00:21

    The Pitch


    How many people get in every year? What are the chances of getting in?


    Can we change our mind about the campus after submitting our application?


    Is it possible to get a job on the side to help cover living expenses?

  • 08:06

    How do we find all of our internships?


    What’s the gender ratio like? Aren’t business schools mostly guys?


    Do you already have partnerships with businesses in Singapore where you send students for their internships?


    Is studying French compulsory even if we go to Singapore?

  • 15:01

    The Clichés


    What is the interview like? Thiago, what questions were you asked?


    Hello, what’s the difference between a BBA and a BSc? How to choose?


    I’m not European, does that mean I can’t do an apprenticeship?

  • 23:03

    What sort of thing do people do for their ‘social internship’?


    The IBEA track is more competitive but I don’t understand what its benefits are. Why apply?


    Who Am I?


    Do the alumni help current students get internships, or jobs afterwards?

  • 34:19

    How does the course content in Rabat differ from in the Cergy campus? I want to improve my French, and I may as well do it somewhere sunny?


    What kind of scholarships and grants do you have for people who might not be able to afford to do the course?


    Hi Thiago, what kind of stuff do you do outside of the course? Are you a part of any student societies?


    Thiago, does everyone live in Cergy? What is the accommodation like?

  • 44:46

    Can we do apprenticeships instead of internships?


    Final Destination


    What do most people do afterwards? Do they get jobs straight from their internships?


    When we do the international exchange do we keep paying ESSEC fees? What if the exchange university is cheaper than ESSEC is for that semester?

  • 50:43

    Do you help us choose our electives? I really want to go to ESSEC, but I have no idea what I want to do in the future.


    Are there any particular courses in sustainability and eco initiatives in business? That’s what I want to go into afterwards


    Do we have individual supervisors throughout the course – both for personal stuff and academic questions?


    Extra Time