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ESSEC Business School

ESSEC Master in Management (MIM) - Grande Ecole

Ranked #4 worldwide by the Financial Times (2018) and recognized by the French Ministry of Education, the Master in Management (MIM) – Grande Ecole is one of the oldest and most prestigious Master-in-Management programs in the world. Its objective is to educate the next generation of responsible top leaders. Students are able to design their own learning path, tapping into any of the program’s more than 45 specialization tracks, offered on ESSEC campuses in Paris, Singapore, and Rabat or at one of the 97 partner universities worldwide. They gain professional exposure through 12 months of work experience and through a powerful network of 54000 Alumni in all corners of the world.

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Accreditations of ESSEC : EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA 
Duration: 2 years average 
Location: Cergy - Singapore - Rabat
Language: English-French
>>Entry Requirement & Application 
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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  • Felix PAPIER

    Professor, Operation Management Department, Dean for Academic Programs

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  • Felix Papier - Professor, Operation Management Department, Dean for Academic Programs
  • Jiyoung Ryu - Alumnus of the MSc in Management
  • 00:14

    The Pitch


    What is the “pioneer spirit” of ESSEC you mention on your site?


    How do the programs between the Cergy and Singapore campuses differ?


    In one of the ESSEC videos, a student explained that you have to choose a tutor but the tutor has to choose you as well. (a two way street). How does this work?

  • 08:07

    Around how many students start the MiM program at the Asia Pacific campus?


    Do non-EU students have access to apprenticeship?


    Can turn in my application now and update later with my GMAT score?


    Three Words Max

  • 15:06

    How important are the recommendation letters?


    What are the two startup incubators Ventures and Antropia, and how do they help?


    Are language courses part of the curriculum?


    Do you change the curriculum each year? Is there anything new this year?

  • 22:05

    I am currently in doubt whether to apply to the Cergy campus or the Asia-Pacific campus? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each campus?


    If I’m interested in finance, what’s the added value of an MiM compared to a Masters in finance?


    How important is it to know what you want to specialize in prior to starting the MIM?


    How is an ESSEC MiM graduate seen differently from an MBA graduate by an employer of a management consultancy?

  • 31:06

    Russian Roulette


    Does ESSEC provide any help/ courses/ tracks for students who want to enter green industry in the future?


    Can MiM students be recruited by project leaders of Junior Essec Counsel?


    Once I graduate, will I have the right to stay and work in France if I do not come from an EU country? 

  • 39:30

    Are there limited places for specializations or am I guaranteed my first choice?


    A Step Sideways


    Step Sideways: If ESSEC is really pioneering, it must be looking for its next conquest. Where is the next campus? Mars?


    What were the major challenges you faced when you were at Essec?

  • 48:08

    Are there consulting projects with real cases from companies?


    Can I apply to another ESSEC master’s program at same time as the Master’s in Management? Do I need to make two applications? 


    How does ESSEC integrate international students? Are they separated from French students?


    Do non-Asian students find internships and jobs in Singapore when they study there?

  • 55:06

    The Sweetest