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Discover the Groupe ESA and its Masters

With its 2,630 students, the ESA is the largest institute of higher education for life sciences in France. It offers a wide range of courses in 10 major sectors of activity : agriculture, food processing, landscape management, environment, horticulture, viticulture, traditional products, retailing, trade, agribusiness management. The ESA offers several Masters: Master International Vintage; MSc Food Identity; MSc-Mastère International Agribusiness; and MSc Man-imal; MSc Eurama (European Animal Management); MSc Agroécology. 
Duration: 1 to 2 years
Location: Angers and abroad
Language: French / English
Entry requirement: Bachelor degree minimum or equivalent 
Selection: application + English and French tests + interview
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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  • Marina POURRIAS - Head of Undergraduate-Graduate Programs
  • Christel RENAUD - Head of International VINTAGE Master
  • 01:15

    The speech


    Face to face


    Hi! Do I have to speak French to apply any of your masters? I see that you have French language test?


    Are you very French? I mean, do all your masters treat only French local and traditional agriculture and food products?

  • 13:06

    I have a question for International Vintage master: since you are in France, wouldn't you be more focused on French wine-making process?


    Hello! What does Food Identity mean? Is it about food production or more about analyzing health and environmental effects of food? I want to work in bio-food industry. Thanks.


    Hello. I watched Campus-Channel's videos on other French schools wine & spirits management programmes recently. What's unique about your programme in terms of curriculum compared to others?


    Expert question

  • 21:12

    Expert question : Today's agriculture is really at a cross-road with the growing diversity of technologies we use that are not necessarily positive for the agricultural biodiversity or for our health. How do you train students to be the next leader on this topic?


    Hi! How many local and global partners do you have at ESA? What can these partners do for me as a student? Thanks a lot.


    Is Manimal master for doctors only? Cheers.


    What would be an average salary once I graduate in International Vintage?

  • 33:10

    Bonjour! Do you organize any fun events for students outside France? Like visiting wineries in Latin America etc. Thanks.


    For EURAMA, your website says I can become: farmer, scientist, economist or even a commercial manager! I find it strange for two reasons: 1) If I were to be a farmer, why spend time in classrooms? 2) Is it even possible to cover all these expertise in two years?


    Tricky question


    Tricky question : Are your programmes more of a buffet or a course meal for students hungry to learn?

  • 44:36

    Hi! I'm interested in Agroécologie but I don't see much info on the web? So, could you tell me what I need to enter? Especially, should I have a science background?


    Hi, if I study International Vintage, will I be actually growing wines? Or be part of it? Where and when? Many thanks.


    Are there some common courses or activities between all your masters of ESA?


    Do your professors all come from France? What's the percentage of French professors? Merci!

  • 54:33

    Hello. Should I have work experience before applying? And do my grades matter a lot to enter?


    Is there any special scholarship either from your school or from organisations on agriculture for international students?