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emlyon business school / Mines Saint-Etienne

MSc in Health Management & Data Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is transforming user behavior and daily life through flexible and adaptable machines with intelligence comparable to the human mind. The consequences of AI on our societies are huge: public health, organizations, workplace, etc. 
The objective of this new MSc in Health Management & Data Intelligence is to create a generation of specialists who are able to progress within the industry, no matter how it is impacted in the future by the digital transformation. 
The program will provide you with solid knowledge and agility when it comes to the challenges of this ecosystem and its various stakeholders.
Entry Requirements: Bachelor's degree minimum in any field
Duration: 18 months 
Location: Lyon, Saint-Etienne & Shanghai
Language: English
Application: online application + video exercise + GMAT/GRE/TAGE-MAGE/CAT (optional) 
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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mar 18

02:00 PM

(Paris time)

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  • Benjamin Dalmas

    Directeur du programme HDMI – emlyon business school

  • Florencio Travieso

    Directeur du programme HDMI – Mines Saint-Etienne

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  • Benjamin DALMAS - Professor & program co-director – Mines Saint-Etienne
  • Florencio TRAVIESO - Associate Professor & program co-director – emlyon business school
  • 00:19

    The Pitch


    Is this a new program? What qualifies these schools as authorities in healthcare and big data?


    What exactly is the goal of teaching us combination of skills? What jobs are you preparing us for?


    Is France a leader in big data engineering? Why do this program in France?

  • 08:58

    How do you incorporate ethics into the curriculum?


    What attention does this master give to health care regulations and laws concerning patient privacy and otherwise?


    What software does this master teach?


    Three Words Max Taboo

  • 16:47

    Should I know how to code in order to be accepted?


    Is it obligatory to go to Shanghai to complete this program?


    Why is there a focus on the Asian business environment? I am French and want to work in the French health sector. Should I go to another program?


    What are the prerequisite fundamentals we have to take online?

  • 24:54

    What do you mean by “various seminars” on your site? Can you be more specific about the content?


    With this degree will I be considered an engineer? A manager?


    I would like to eventually write a PhD on the use of big data in healthcare, and possibly the ethics and commercialization of it. Would this program be appropriate for a future PhD?


    Final Destination

  • 32:40

    Can I really apply with a bachelor in any field? I have a degree in English literature.


    What does the in-company project entail? Is it a simulation or real work?


    Do you have any industry partners for this master?


    What support do you offer for finding internships and jobs?

  • 38:45

    The Sweetest