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emlyon business school

Global Entrepreneurship Program

The Global Entrepreneurship Program trains international entrepreneurs. This unique program is run jointly by emlyon business school (Europe) and Zhejiang University (Asia) in collaboration with Pace University (USA) who together form a partnership of international business schools recognized as experts in Global Entrepreneurship. These three schools are recognized as global leaders in entrepreneurial teaching. The Global Entrepreneurship Program takes place in 3 countries: France, China and the United States. Students discover four areas of study of entrepreneurship: corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, family business and new venture creation.
Duration: 1 year, Full-time program
Location: France, USA, China
Language: English
Entry Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Business or Economics
Intake: Fall 2016
Application: online application + video exercise + TOEFL/TOEIC/TOEFL/PTE + GMAT/GRE/TAGE-MAGE
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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  • Rickie Moore - Global Entrepreneurship Program Director
  • 00:59

    The Speech


    Face to face


    Will Purdue, Zhejiang and your university all look at my application form? How can I satisfy the need and criteria of three different schools in three countries?  


    How many students will be selected for the program?   

  • 08:06

    Should I have worked so far? For how long? And can I continue my current work during the program? Thanks. 


    Dear M. Moore, my family has a business. How can this program help me better it?   


    Is management test compulsory? I am working for my family business and I can not find time to do it, can I still apply?


    Hi, what do you mean a “program”? Is it a recognized degree? Is it master?s degree or an MBA? Thanks. 

  • 16:42

    Can you give me examples of business projects?            


    What was the composition of the previous promotion in terms of Professional fields?   


    Expert question


    Expert question: Many programs pack students into a curriculum with international campuses in one year. At a glance it sounds great. However, don?t you consider the time students need to adapt to local business cultures, languages and networks to be successful entrepreneurs?

  • 26:06

    What kind of support do students get in term of career development or start-up?


    I studied bachelors in international politics. Will I be able to get in? I'd appreciate your honest view please. Thanks. 


    The students selected in Lyon would have to finance their stay in China or in the US?   


    I am French and would like to be eventually in your programme. Is this possible? Your programme seems to be focused on foreigners...        

  • 33:35

    What kind of career prospect that students have if they do this program?     


    How many nationalities do you have in the current promotion?  And do they also represent Latin America? I want to meet more entrepreneurs from Latin America.


    Pace University sounds exciting! Can you tell me more about this school? How does it fit within the program? Can you tell me what is unique about it?


    Tricky question

  • 41:12

    Tricky question: Do your students and alumni enjoy drinking 1) beer in bars or 2) cocktail in chic jazz bars when they gather?   


    I am trying to apply on the website at the moment but apparently the last session has passed, is there any other opportunity to apply for this year?


    Is it possible to be hired during the program by a international company and starts a trainingship. It happens sometimes in the US?            


    Hello. What is the typical teaching method of a course? And how friendly are your professors? And how many students in a class? Merci beaucoup. 

  • 50:21

    In my previous job, I realized I need to boost my creativity. Is this something I can learn? Does your program help on this and how? 


    What would you recommend for a student, parent, who wants to start Learning business and at the same time to stay with his son? Is there any flexibility in the program? Or at Lyon do you know other programs which could adapt to my needs?


    What is the percentage of graduates starting a start-up? And what is the success rate? In which countries majorly? Thanks. 


    Hi! What's your favorite type out of this program participants? I'd need some tips for the interview basically. Thanks. 

  • 59:31

    With your network connections, would it be possible to use it to start directly a apprentissage/training in one of the international companies without following to whole year of study?