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EDHEC Business School

MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

Taught entirely through English, this programme prepares entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs for an array of entrepreneurial careers such as business start-up, innovation management and enterprise support. Students will be equipped with the skills and competences to identify business opportunities and create new ventures. Core modules such as Business Ethics for Entrepreneurs, Digital Entrepreneurship & International Business Development are offered during this course. Field trips to entrepreneurship hubs (Silicon Valley, Brussels, Paris), extensive coaching with experienced practitioners and help from the EDHEC incubator are key features of the programme. Students benefit from the help of the career services centre and receive compulsory French courses to enhance their acculturation. 

Students who are in China can find the Replay on Youku

Entry Requirements: 4-year bachelor degree (equivalent) or higher
Duration: 1 year + internship
Location: Lille
Language: English
application + TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS/Cambridge test
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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  • Jean-Michel LEDRU - Co-Director of the MSc. in Entrepreneurship and innovation Director of EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs
  • Victoire Mathot - Financial and Corporate Communication Consultant, Publicis Consultants. Alumna 2016
  • 00:19

    The Pitch


    What is this term I see used on your program’s site: “intrapreneurship”? How does it differ from entrepreneurship?


    How many “field trips” do we take in this program? Do they cost extra?


    Do we have the opportunity to develop own start-ups while in school?

  • 08:44

    What kinds of internships do we typically get as entrepreneurship students?


    How much curriculum overlap does a program like this have with an MBA? What's the value difference?


    Do we need entrepreneurial or business experience to apply for this program?


    In the innovation major, I don't understand what this module "advanced personal commitment in the entrepreneurial world." The title isn't really self-evident.

  • 16:48

    If we want to find a job instead of starting our own business, is there support available from the school for our search?


    Where do they faculty come from? Are they permanent or just visiting professors?