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CIFFOP - Université PARIS 2 Panthéon-Assas

Master 2 in International Human Resources Management

The Ciffop-Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas is considered as one of the best academic institution for human resources in France and its IHRM Master has been awarded the international EPAS accreditation. What makes the difference? An international team with teachers from the academic world and from the business world, a multicultural experience with students from all over the world, a pool of professional tutors (HR Directors) and a strong alumni network (+2000). On top of all of that, all students are apprentices and work in multinational companies while studying at the University.
Duration: 2 years or 1
Location: Paris
Language: English
Entry Requirement: Bachelor’s degree (Master 1: 180 ECTS / Master 2: 240 ects)
Application: Application dossier + English proficiency + interview
Deadline: Deadline for applications from students  with non-French degrees: 15th February 2019
Applications from students with French degrees: 20th February-20th March 2019 




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The questions

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  • Gabriel Morin - Program Director
  • Isabelle Lamothe - Tutrice IHRM
  • Rodrigo Madera - Alumni IHRM
  • Fanny Bonduelle - Student in Master 2 International Human Resources Management, apprentice at Schneider Electric
  • 00:19

    The Pitch


    What does CIFFOP stand for?


    Why study at your school as an international student? Is the goal to get a job in France?


    What determines whether we do the program in one year or two?

  • 07:09

    How does the apprenticeship work if we are new in France? I thought an apprentice had to be in France a certain amount of time before getting hired.


    Hi, what are you doing now? Does the program help you in your career?


    Your site is half in English, half in French. What level of French do I need to apply to this master?


    I know Assas is highly regarded law school. Is it also considered a leader in training for HR management in France?

  • 13:13

    Three Words Max Taboo


    How does this master address generational differences in employees, or the differing environments between startups and large corporations?


    What career guidance do you offer to help find jobs following graduation?


    The student VP video is all in French. How welcoming are French students to foreigners at Assas really?

  • 21:22

    Guests change


    Where do teachers come from? Are they mostly French? Are they full-time academics or HR executives in companies?


    What do we do on learning expeditions? I know what a corporate office looks like.


    Is an HR experience compulsory for being admitted?

  • 27:36

    Fanny: can you briefly present yourself and explain why did you chose this Master? Thanks!


    Final destination


    Do you teach specific digital HR tools or software in this master?


    What are the nationalities in the program?

  • 34:03

    What companies do Assas apprentices work in?


    What would you change about this IHR master?


    The Sweetest