Master of Marine Technologies

The Master of Marine Technology is composed of two specializations:  hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineering and Atlantic Master on Ship Operation & Naval Engineering. The first one aims to give students advanced training on typical problems of hydrodynamics applied to naval architecture and ocean engineering. The second specialization allows its students to develop skills in naval engineering and to become engineers experienced in ship operations. An outstanding feature of this programme is that you will have on-board training sessions on French Navy vessels. The programme of study lasts two academic years and includes French language courses. 
Entry Requirements: 3-year Bachelor's degree 
Duration: 2 years
Location: Nantes (France) 
Language: English and French
Selection: academic application 
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles



The questions

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  • Leslie Cubizolles - International Masters Manager
  • Liad PASKIN - Student of the programme
  • 00:17

    The Pitch


    Can I apply to this program with a bachelor’s in physics, or do I have to have an engineering background?


    What are the language requirements for graduation? Are we expected to speak French?


    Is there special training to complete before the the onboard vessel module?

  • 07:41

    Hi Liad. Where are you from and what was your specialization in the marine technologies major?


    I would like to know more about the labs at Centrale Nantes and how they are used for this master. Thank you.


    Hi Liad. Can you tell me more about your doctorate and your research please? How would you rate the support at Centrale for your work?


    The Clichés

  • 16:17

    What should I expect in terms of the ratio of lecture theory to hands-on practical work?


    Do we have access to local shipyards? Do you organize visits for students in this master?


    Does Centrale Nantes contribute research to government or French military projects?


    Is there any software I should be familiar with for admission to this master? Do you have extra tutorials to learn the software?

  • 22:59

    I am interested in new forms of energy and marine technology. Does program address that, particularly in relation to sustainability?


    What is the Business Environment module listed in the curriculum?


    How diverse is the marine technologies program in both nationalities and gender? Is it mostly French?


    Final destination

  • 30:30

    Where do students usually get internships? Is it possible to find one locally with a low level French?


    Hello. What about the Erasmus Mundus joint master programs in the Marine Tech dept? How are they organized? Do we change universities?


    Do most graduates get jobs after graduation or is it more likely to pursue doctorate studies?


    Hi. I would like to know more about local industry and if it’s possible to get jobs as a non-EU candidate.

  • 37:08

    Extra Time