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Master of Engineering in Materials Processes and Technology of Composites (MPTC)

This master is designed to provide trouble-shooting and solution-oriented approach of problems encountered in composite applications, successively during the constituants selection, processing and mechanical design phases. Mostly fiber-reinforced organic-matrix composites will be of concern in this curriculum. It aims at providing a theoretical emphasis on the relationship between constituants, processing, process modeling and structural design. Lab sessions are dedicated towards characterization, manufaturing, process modeling and design. Fields of applications are numerous: from energy (wind, marine), trasportation (automative, aeronautics, rail, marine), and also niche markets such as sports and leisure or bio-medical.
Entry requirement: Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science or Equivalent
Duration: 2 years
Location: Nantes (France)
Language: English
Selection: academic application + TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles

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  • Anne-Laure FREMONDIERE - Manager Relations Internationales
  • Manoj - Student of the programme
  • 01:11

    The speech


    Face to face


    Hi, is it mandatory to have engineering degree? I studied chemistry. Thank you.


    Hello. I saw that you only have 30% international students... Wouldn't the ambience be too French? Will I get along with French students not speaking French well? What about courses?

  • 07:39

    Hello Manoj, what is your internship about? How is it going?


    I am reading your web. Could you be a bit more specific with the employability? What percentage of your graduate work or study in France after this master?


    Expert question


    Expert question: When students graduate, will they come out with interdisciplinary knowledge on the topic including qualitative skills to analyse and manage bigger projects?

  • 13:25

    I have a question about your lab. I’m not very familiar with GEM institute and Institut de Recherche en Génie Civil et Mécanique. First, how known is it in France and globally? Do you have some statistics? Second, will there be a possibility for me to do a PhD in projects of this institute?


    Do you have strict cut-line for English tests for admissions? And how important is my academic transcript?


    What kinds of positions do the graduates get after this degree? Could you give us some examples of companies and their responsibilities? What about salary in average? Many thanks.