AUDENCIA Business School

Masters of Sciences

Audencia Business School proposes 5 International Masters of Science for students with a 3 or 4 years Bachelor degree who wish to live real intercultural experience! Four of the Masters are taught entirely in English and reunite students from more than 25 countries. These are MSc International Master in Management (IMM), MSc in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management (MSCPM), MSc in Food and Agribusiness Management (FAM), MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy (MECE).
The Master in European & International Business Management (EIBM) is taught in English, French and Spanish and let students study in 3 countries during your Master.
Taught by international professors as well as professionals from the field, using novel and active teaching and learning approaches, students will also benefit from Audencia career consultants and the strength of Audencia alumni network.
Entry requirement: 4-year Bachelor’s Degree or 3-year Bachelor degree
Duration: 1 or 2 years
Location: Nantes (France) or Nantes, Bilbao, Bradford for EIBM or Nantes, Cognac for Cognac and Spirits Management
Language: English
Selection: Application + proficiency in English (interview)
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles



The questions

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  • Olga Kapitskaia - Director of International Master Programs Professor, Department of Management
  • Ozan GANIç - MSc International Master in Management student
  • 00:19

    The Pitch


    Is there an advantage to applying for the early application deadline? Am I still qualified for scholarships if I apply after?


    Is the entrepreneurship in creative economy a program for creatives or for managers who work with creatives?


    Hi Ozan. Where are you from? Why was Audencia your choice for a master’s?

  • 08:31

    What practical work is assigned in modules in the creative economy master to prepare that gives us tangible experience to apply for jobs?


    Can you tell me more about Audencia’s “mediacampus” compared to its main campus?


    What are your French language requirements for acceptance and graduation from your MSc programs?


    The Clichés

  • 17:19

    What’s the global diversity of students in all programs at Audencia? Is it more French or international?


    If I start the international management program and decide I would like to specialize in agribusiness, is there an option to change MSc tracks?


    Why choose the master in international management over an MBA, which seems to be valued more by employers?


    Does Audencia help us to find housing in Nantes? What about in other cities we go to for our program?

  • 25:51

    Overall, how would you rate Audencia for entrepreneurial learning throughout all programs?


    What corporate partnerships do you have in France that contribute to the agribusiness program? Do you organize any field visits for this program?


    Final Destination


    What services and support does Audencia have to help us find internships? Or do students typically find their own?

  • 35:18

    Do international graduates normally find jobs in France, or do we have to leave once we graduate?


    What is the concrete professional value and outcome of the creative economy degree? Would it help me get a job in a business, or is it more for freelancers and entrepreneurs?


    Your site for supply chain management promises “exciting projects with top corporations.” Like what?


    Extra Time