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AUDENCIA Business School

Full-time MBA

Gain broad business knowledge and training, and a unique set of responsible management skills. The full-time MBA's challenging curriculum, extensive co-curricular events and professional projects prepare you for the complexity and potential of responsible management. Work closely with top international faculty members and benefit from personal mentoring, quality teaching and real-world corporate and international experience. You’ll also gain expertise from industry insiders, as business executives visit and share their professional insights during the programme. With a diverse group of faculty members, professionals, peers and partner companies to learn from, you’ll develop a practical and theoretical understanding of globally responsible management – and build a plan of action for your future.
Entry requirement: Bachelor’s degree in any field + 3 years professional experience
Duration: 12 months, full-time
Location: Nantes
Language: English
Selection: online application + interview + GMAT/GRE + TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS
Member of the Conférence des grandes écoles




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  • Tamim ELBASHA - Academic Director Full-Time MBA and Euro MBA
  • Nadia HEFER - Student of the programme
  • Vincent VINATIER - Alumni
  • 00:11

    The Pitch


    Hello. I had a look at your Twitter page and you only tweet in French. How international is the school actually?


    What do all the accreditation acronyms on your site mean?


    I have a startup I want to launch. Is an MBA appropriate for entrepreneurs, and will the school help with development of my company?

  • 11:50

    Could you please put an example of how many hours per course and for how many weeks? Thanks.


    Three Words Max


    I see there is a chance to study abroad for one week, but that doesn’t seem like much. What can we accomplish in 7 days?


    Do MBA students take part in international business case competitions? Is there enough time, is there support?

  • 19:27

    I only have a year and a half of professional experience. Is there a chance you could make an exception to the 3 year requirement for my application?


    You seem very proud of the research aspect. Who are the researchers and what are they publishing about exactly?


    Do you have any business or academic partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East?


    Question is for the student: what class surprised you the most or taught you the most?

  • 27:21

    Will you explain class structure, please. The site is vague and doesn’t indicate format.


    Russian Roulette


    How do partner companies figure into the curriculum? Do they help develop courses?


    Guest change

  • 34:28

    How active is the alumni network for this particular program at Audencia? Do the alumni do anything special?


    Do you have anything to develop soft skills in concrete ways? It seems to be priority on employers hiring criteria.


    Is it possible to continue working while enrolled in the MBA?


    Finding a job is always stressful. Is there any help for when we get ready to graduate?

  • 42:58

    A Step Sideways


    A Step Sideways: One of your concentrations is corporate social responsibility. But what’s the most (socially) irresponsible thing you’ve ever done?


    How is employment France looking for MBA graduates from outside of the EU?


    Coming from India, it seems like it would be a better idea to do an MBA in a bigger city like Paris for better job opportunities. What are the advantages for internationals to study in Nantes?

  • 51:17

    You have a financial trading room? That sounds cool! What can students do there?


    Are the consulting projects real assignments from companies? Do they use our work?


    Scholarships would be really helpful instead of taking a lot of debt. Do you have financial aid?


    The Sweetest